reĝ-2, rek̂- (rek-?)

reĝ-2, rek̂- (rek-?)
    reĝ-2, rek̂- (rek-?)
    English meaning: damp; rain
    Deutsche Übersetzung: “feucht, bewässern, Regen”
    Material: 1. reĝ-: Lat. rigüre “bewässern” (with i from e), Alb. rrjeth, Aor. rrodha “flow, quelle, tropfe”; Nor. dial. rake m. “ dampness, Nässe”, O.Ice. raki ds., Mod.Ice. rakr “humid, wet”; 2. rek-̂ (rek-?) in: Goth. rign n. “rain” (*rek̂-nó-), krimGoth. reghen, O.Ice. regn n., O.S. regan, regin m., O.Fris. rein, O.E. reg(e)n, rēn m., O.H.G. regan, regin, regen, M.H.G. regen m.; O.Ice. rigna “rain”, O.H.G. reganôn ds. etc.; Lith. (with WestIE k?) rõkia, rõkti “fein rain”, rôkė “ dust rain “.
    References: WP. II 365 f., WH. II 435.

Proto-Indo-European etymological dictionary. 2015.

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